Cairo Half Marathon: My 2nd

الحمد لله وبعون الله خلصت هاف ماراثون القاهرة المقام فى التجمع الخامس
ده اول مشاركة لى مع كايرو رانرز وده يعتبر ثانى سباق بالنسبة لى
قدرت احسن رقمى بفارق خمس دقائق عن اول سباق لى فى اسكندرية ٢٠١٧
: الدروس المستفادة
المحافظة على السرعة المناسبة لي طوال ال 21 كيلو
وتجنب المجموعات السريعة
المحافظة على جدول التمارين الخاص بى دون تغيير او حذف اى نشاط عجل

Yesterday, I’ve participated in my 2nd Half Marathon Event, hosted by Cairo Runners in New Cairo.
I’ve managed to improve my timing by 4.5 minutes earlier than last event, Alexandria HM, 2017.
I’m grateful to God, after my hard running sessions, I ran a hilly course but managed to finish as strong as I could.
Throughout this race, I’ve learned not to go too fast at the beginning, but maintain my regular pace. I’ve seen as well how pedaling gives us the strong legs, which I’ve needed. Unfortunately, I stopped cycling before this event by 3 weeks – Which was not supposed to happen, my Fault !

See you Cairo Runners ..
Thank you

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